Xylogic Report: Apple vs Android vs WP7 Monthly App Downloads 2010-2013 from 29 countries

App search company Xylogic has released 220 app download reports from 29 different countries in order to provide partners with a huge amount of data to be used in decision making process across app publishers, developers and the like. The data is sortable across countries and mobile app platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Xylogic hopes to support app developers and publishers with this unprecedented type and volume of data by providing them with information on the type of apps that are being downloaded the most in the various markets around the globe.

As a quick example, their data show that Apple leads Android with 1.45 billion app downloads in August, globally. Android shows .64 billion app downloads in the App Market. Also, that iPhone and iPod touch consumers downloaded 8.7 apps on average in the month of August. However, in terms of growth, the Android Market is showing an incredible increase over a short period of time. Developers and publishers, while focusing on the huge iOS market, may be well served by having apps in the Android Market as well. This is the kind of strategic planning that can happen when data of this sort is made available.

Developers and publishers wanting to read the reports directly can download them from the website here: http://xyologic.com/app-downloads-reports

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