Samsung to merge bada with open source Nokia/Intel platform Tizen

According to Forbes, Samsung hopes by the end of the year to release the first devices based on its own home-grown smartphone platform bada and the open source Nokia/Intel platform Tizen.

The news marks the first serious development for Tizen since the platform was born last September.

Here’s a recap.

First Intel and Nokia got together in 2010 to merge their Linux based Moblin and MaeMo OSs into one new smartphone platform. That adventure never really flew so Intel teamed with Limo Foundation last Setpember to present the next generation of the OS, Tizen.

It confirmed that Tizen would carry over MeeGo code, focus on HTML5-based apps and work on a variety of device types.

Among the supportive OEMs were Samsung, Fujitsu, Panasonic, NEC, Motorola, ARM and others.

Now, Samsung has made its commitment concrete, and will use Tizen to strengthen a bada platform that has quietly built a respectable user base. In November it confirmed 110m app downloads from 8.1m Bada-powered devices.

Tizen devices will be able to run software created using the bada SDK, with existing apps requiring no modification; meanwhile both bada and Tizen developers will use the same SDK and APIs. The Linux core of the two platforms will also be harmonised.

Samsung has suggested it make continue to use bada in low-end single-core handsets, with Tizen inside mid-range smartphones.

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