Flipkart launches Flyte:the digital content marketplace

FlipKart.com has forayed into downloadable digital content market by launching ‘Flyte’, its digital music store. Flyte will allow users to discover and download DRM-free music in the form of individual songs or entire albums with single songs prices starting at Rs 6 and albums start at Rs 25. FlipKart’s Flyte houses a collection of over a million tracks from 150,000 unique albums.

Flyte will also be allowing users to download the same file 3 more times after the initial download - at no extra cost, to make it even more convenient for users to sync their entire Flyte music library across their multiple digital devices.


With Flyte, consumers in India will now be able to download a wide range of music legally, and at an extremely reasonable price. We hope that such a move will help curb piracy and go a long way in supporting original music and its creators. With music available across 55 languages and 700 genres and sub-genres – this is a service that should appeal to all age groups and music lovers.

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