Infographic: Youtube Killed TV

Is the golden age of TV already long gone? Today all major TV services stream their content online and viewers have more power to choose from than ever. Acorrding to the creators of this infographic from, the death warrant of TV was signed with the emergence of the Internet, in particular with the flourishing of one company that was the embodiment of its destruction: YouTube.

At we have talked for years about the future disruption of the broadcast industry and new gatekeepers in the living room. For half a century, not much has changed - scarcity is the control lever, the value chain has been static, and the industry has been top heavy. Print media was slammed by the Internet. Music was too. Publisher and record labels have been trying to reinvent themselves with a fervor that the broadcast and pay TV industries will be shaking with in the next five years. And fighting against the intersection of the web and TV is like putting a bandaid on an ax wound.

Via: Appmarket.TV

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