Linkedin acquires Slideshare for $119 million

In a move which is aimed to deliver more value to millions of its users, Linkedin has announced its acquisition of Slideshare. The deal valued at $119 million,is in a combination of approximately 45 percent cash and approximately 55 percent stock.

Since presentations are the core component of how professionals define and brand their identity, this deal will enable professionals to discover people through content, and content through people.

Founded in the year 2006, Slideshare is the world’s largest social content network. Though initially it started with presentations only, it has evolved a lot since then and supports documents, podcasts, webinars, professional videos, webmeetings. According to data released by Comscore, Slideshare had approximately 29 million unique visitors in the month of March.

Talking about the future of Slideshare, company CEO Rashmi Sinha,  commented, “We built SlideShare to help professionals share presentations and connect people through content. What we can build with LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the Internet, is the most natural extension of this vision. I am excited about what we can build together.”

You can check out the Linkedin family Slideshare presentaion for more information.

Source: Linkedin

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