xpWallet launches Mobile Wallet payment solution for Merchants

xpWallet has launched a new NFC merchant payments product for moblie operators, retail chain-stores, utility companies and mobile financial service providers. This new product will not only boost mobile money transactions but will also provide users with a flexible and a secure cashless experience. The built-in NFC functionality in this mobile wallet will enable subscribers to pay for any retial transaction after entering a PIN. Merchants can access the NFC merchants product via web and handset-based user interfaces, USSD menu, and with and without NFC Tags interfaces.

The advanced security features for NFC are:

  • User NFC Device is first registered in the application
  • At the time of making a transaction, the subscriber’s name is displayed on the POS machine. Depending upon the NFC reader capability, subscriber’s name can also be printed
  • The subscriber is asked to enter his pin on the POS machine
  • SMS is sent to the subscriber after completion of the transaction.

xpWallet is a leading provider of mobile financial services & mobile wallet Payment Solutions. A key contributor in the growing mCommerce space, xpWallet focuses on delivering software to Financial Institutions and Payment Processors in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

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