More than 100,000 apps published in Windows Phone Marketplace

We are well aware that billions of apps are downloaded from the Apple and Google apps stores. Though Microsoft is lagging behind these two platforms, currently it has become quite aggressive about apps development.

At present the Windows Phone Marketplace has more than 100,000 apps with around 313 apps added per day.It added 50,000 apps in the first 14 months and reached the 100,000 mark in the next 5 months.

In the graph below you can see the number of apps published in the last 19 months:

Out of these, 88,731 apps are available for download across 60 countries.The remaining apps are either withdrawn by Microsoft or unpublished by developer or in staging. Some of the apps are available only in select countries.

The current figures for live apps (i.e. fully available for download) are: US (77,450), UK (72,933), France (69,879), Spain (68,361), Italy (68,180), Germany (69,153), Australia (70,036), Russia (55,052), Brazil (47,453) India (69,771) and China (33,063). Majority of these apps are published in English (68,529 of live total) while a number of apps are localised into other languages too, with German (6,231), French (5,627), Spanish (4401) and Italian (3225) being the most common.

Out of the four major categories that account for about 59% of the content, Entertainment apps leads with 18867 apps. It is followed by 14591 apps on tools+productivity, 12816 apps on reference and 12212 apps on games. 67 percent apps of the Windows Phone Marketplace are available for free downloads, 10 percent are paid with a free trial and 23% are paid.

Source: AAWP


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