Indian Developers can now sell paid apps on Google Play

Google Play, the Apps market for Android mobile operating system, has added India to the list of countries from which developers can register as Google Checkout merchants. This means that, Indian Developers will now be able to sell paid applications via the Google Play Store. Till now, developers in India could publish only free applications.

Some of the important points that the developers have to keep in mind are:

  • The Google Checkout account that developers need to link to their Google Play developer account can only be linked once from within the developer account interface.
  • Once the accounts are linked, they cannot be removed, changed or updated. If a developer wants to do this, they will have to sign up for a new developer account by paying a fee of $25.
  • If a particular location is not yet enabled for selling in multiple currencies, developers will only be able to set a price in their home currency. This basically means that Indian developers will only be able to sell in Indian rupees as of now.
  • Also, once the price for an application is set, developers can choose to change it at any time. But once an application is published for free, you cannot later add a price to that app. Developers will need to create new app (with their Application Package File) and add a price.

Google follows the 30:70 model where it takes 30 per cent of the total app price as transaction fees and developers get the rest. And if an app sells digital goods (like in-game purchases) or subscriptions, the company takes 30 per cent of that amount as well.

Google Play is the official application store for Android operating system and compatible Android devices are allowed to use it to download applications. According to the last estimates given by Google, there are over 600,000 Android apps in the store.

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