Nokia launches “City Lens Point” Application

Nokia has launched a new app ‘City Lens Point’, for its Lumia series of phones and other smartphones. This exciting new app instantly reveals what’s nearby on a user’s phone’s camera display. The new app allows users to search places as well as get directions and reviews to popular restaurants and shops.

Commenting on this launch, Nokia India Director Sales V Ramnath said,”Using the augmented reality app, when the user holds their device up, the City Lens overlays information about restaurants, shops, hotels and other popular destinations nearby.” He further added, “This application from Nokia’s Location service bouquet allows users to sense the world around and discover places by simply holding up their smartphone instead of having to perform web searches. It’s simple and it’s spontaneous.” Through this app, users can also make reservations or navigate to a desired location via turn by turn walking map.

The free application is available for Lumia 800, 710 and 900, while it is also available for Nokia’s other smartphones like Nokia 700, 701 and N8.

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