32 Percent Indian Smartphone Users Shop Using Their Device

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A recent study revealed that about 32 per cent of the smart-phone users in India tend to make their purchases using the device. The study titled ‘Role of the Connected Device in the branding and buying cycle of a Consumer’ was conducted jointly by Mobext India, the mobile marketing network of Havas Digital and Inmobi. The study covering 10,000 respondents and seven markets, explains how consumers use their connected device which in turn impacts shopping and media consumption habits.

The survey examined the media consumption habits of 2800+ respondents in India and came out with some very interesting findings. It found that the primary device for 80 percent of respondents was mobile / smartphone, for 13 percent it was laptop / desktop and for 7 percent it was tablet. From a media perspective, the report found that an average connected Indian consumes 9 hrs of media, with smart phones constituting nearly 44 per cent of it.

The report also found that while tablet usage peaks between 6pm to midnight and is used at home, mobiles/smartphones and laptops are used between 9am-11pm and are the primary access device from office.

According to the report, mobile/smartphone was on top of the choice list as 46 percent used it as the preferred device for communication, 43 percent for entertainment and 40 percent for information. 32 percent respondents preferred to shop using their smartphones while 23 percent used the laptop/desktop. Connected devices created a double screen effect, as tablets were the preferred device while watching TV, followed by mobiles/smartphones and laptops.

Vishnu Mohan, CEO Havas Media, Asia Pacific said, “It goes to show how connected devices, namely the mobile in India, will play a significant role in a purchase decision. With the market expected to grow at 50 percent to 60 percent annually over the next few years, India is a very important market in the Asia Pacific for Mobext and Havas Media and we plan to get aggressive on this front.”

The study found that device purchase cannibalised other media consumption habits: 21 percent of smartphone users read a book in print less, while 22 percent watched less TV and 16 percent reduced time on the internet via a laptop. 30 percent of tablet purchasers read fewer books in print with 31 percent watching lesser TV.

However, users were finding interesting things to engage their connected time: 80 percent of the activities done across all the devices in the prior month were on entertainment (video, music, games, etc), revealing entertainment, as an important sector for influencing a buy decision. The report further revealed that 15.7 per cent of smart-phone buyers and 16 per cent of tablet buyers prefer not to visit a physical store for purchasing them.

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