Nokia Mapping Service Now Available In 4000 Indian Cities

Nokia has announced that its mapping service is available for over 4,000 cities of tier-I, tier-II and tier-III categories with over seven million points of interest across India. These points of interest include hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls etc.

Nokia India Director (Smartphones) Vipul Mehrotra said, “In fact, today Nokia is the leading mapping company in terms of quantity and quality and we have maps for close to 200 countries and more than 100 of these maps can be navigated.” He added that the company’s business in the area started with maps and navigation which was brought together with its services to create a new platform that offers an unmatched bouquet of consumer experiences ranging from Nokia Maps to Nokia drive to Nokia traffic and transport.

In addition, the platform was also powering efforts of partners from web enterprises as well as the car and mobile industry to develop complementary location-based services and other offerings. In a bid to expand its location services business, the company has tied up with new partners like Yahoo, Bing,, MapQuest, T-Mobile, Pioneer and automobile companies.

Mr.Vipul Mehrotra further added that Nokia was planning to expand its live traffic services on its smart phones in the country. He said,” Presently only Mumbai and Delhi have live traffic facility, which we expect to expand to other cities so that the user can get the exact information of time required to reach a particular location as per the daily traffic conditions.”

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