Mobile Gaming Leads Gaming Market In India

A recent report “Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India” by RNCIOS reveals that India is emerging as one of the top gaming destinations with rising number of gamers, especially online and mobile. With 919.2 Million mobile subscribers (2011-12), the country represents one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and highly untapped mobile gaming markets. A high percentage of young population, steadily rising disposable incomes, and a proliferation of game developers are some of the key factors driving this growth. Mobile gamers are also increasing day-by-day with the world-class mobile game offerings by domestic and foreign players.

According to the report, mobile gaming is expected to become the largest segment in gaming industry in the coming years. Introduction of smartphones, 3G services, massive mobile subscriber’s base, and technically upgraded games have provided much awaited boost to the industry, which grew more than four times compared to 2007-2011. During the period 2012-2015, the Mobile gaming industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 43%.

The research found that 3D-mobile games are expected to create a boom in the market, as various game developers are focusing on 3D games developments and some of them have already launched 3D games in the market. Graphics and animation industry, 4G services, game outsourcing etc, are some other opportunity areas which will help the mobile gaming industry to grow further.

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