Kids Spending More Time On Mobile Phones Than Watching TV

A recent study by telecom equipment maker Ericsson reveals that around 30 lakh Generation Z kids — those born after 1994 — are using 3G services and children in cities are spending more time on mobile phones than watching TV.

Ericsson India’s Vice President and Head for Strategy and marketing Ajay Gupta said,”Around 30 million of 69 million urban Generation Z consumers own mobile phones, and 3 million of these use mobile broadband on their phones.”

According to the study, about 7 percent of Generation Z kids own smartphones, and 20 percent of kids owning smartphones are below 11 years of age. It also found change in behaviour of Generation Z kids, with around 58% of children willing to give up watching TV to use internet on mobile phone.

“The amount of time which Generation Z kids, born between 1994 to 2004, spends using mobile phone per day has already begun to overtake the amount of time spend watching TV,” Gupta said.

The study also found that, with change in shift of kids interest, the attention of parents is also shifting towards mobile devices to monitor and track the content their kids are getting exposed to. Now, about 63 percent of parents are interested in applications to block unwarranted content. The study revealed that around 30% of 9-18 year olds use a privacy screen to prevent others from seeing their phone. Apart from this, it also found that around 76% of urban parents expect service providers to provide them with call and message log details of their kids.

The findings are based on a study conducted by Ericsson’s Consumer lab across more than 7,700 households in 16 cities, which covered 3,500 children and around 1,000 parents, which is applicable across 69 million Generation Z kids in urban cities.

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