Mobixell Serves One Billion Mobile Users

Mobixell Networks, the world’s leading independent provider of mobile video optimization and web acceleration technologies, announced today that it has reached a significant milestone, surpassing one billion mobile users – one in six of all worldwide mobile subscribers – who are customers of operators using Mobixell products. This landmark was reached thanks to more than 400 operator deployments globally.

Demonstrating growing demand for mobile video optimization and Web acceleration, Mobixell reached this milestone thanks to the rapid growth of its Seamless Access mobile data traffic management solution, adding a half billion consumers in less than three years. It reached its first half billion in 10 years with its mobile messaging and content adaptation products.

The Seamless Access mobile multi-service platform is the fastest growing line of business for Mobixell. This growth reflects the demand among mobile operators for solutions that help to manage their data traffic, ensure better network performance and deliver the best possible video and browsing experience to attract and retain data customers. Mobixell counts over 100 Seamless Access deployments worldwide and growth continues to be strong. A network of local Mobixell staff and partners all over the world provide support to operators.

Marking the occasion, Noam Green, Mobixell VP Products and Marketing, commented, “Surpassing the milestone of one billion mobile users is a significant achievement for Mobixell. As data consumption continues to grow, it is now a top priority for operators to be able to boast market-leading video user experience and browsing speeds. The rate of adoption of Seamless Access demonstrates the importance of mobile video optimization and Web acceleration to achieve these goals.”

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