Interview: Kavan Ravi Co-Founder of SlashCV- A Simple Tool To Create Your CV and Share Online

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Startup: SlashCV - A Simple Tool To Create Your CV and Share Online
Kavan Ravi, Co-Founder SlashCV.  is a management information systems  (MIS) graduate from University of Nebraska,Omaha. Before he started working on SlashCV, he worked at Datamonitor LLC as an analyst and later co-founded a social hiring platform for companies and job seekers. He is now the founder and CEO of SlashCV.
What is SlashCV all about/what are the key features? What problem are you solving? What is your Unique Selling Proposition ?
SlashCV is a very simple tool to create your resume and share it online. That is it, no big deal. While there are many other products that are built for the same purpose, none of them are as simple,intuitive or engaging. You have to try it and see.
 We have a good overview of all the features on our blog at, here are a few of the key features:
1. An easy to use editor to create your resume:
 We have moved away from the form based view and have made it so that it feels like working on a word document minus the hassle of having to format it.
2. One click customization options:
 There is no drag and drop, no fancy animations. Just two simple ways to customise your resume- you can directly edit section headings in the form. For instance, if you want replace ‘Objective’ with ‘Summary’, all you need to do is simple click to select the section heading and edit. Same for other section headings too. The other option is to select ‘Put experience above education’ to emphasise experience in your CV. Anything here should not take more than just a click.
3. Auto-save, One click PDF and Feedback:
 All the changes you make to your resume are auto-saved every few seconds. There is also an option to manually save changes just by clicking a button. If do not want to interrupt your flow, auto-save is the best option. The save changes button comes in handy for smaller, fewer edits.
We have one PDF available for download. Once you are done creating your resume, simply click ‘View PDF’ to get a fully formatted resume. All you have to do is focus on the content, we take care of the rest. We also provide a shareable link to your CV that you can share with friends to collect feedback and improve your CV.
4. Easy sharing across all devices:
 You can create your profile and share it under a personal URL.It could be with your existing resume or the PDF you generated on SlashCV. Again this is minimal, quick to load and easy to share. It is optimised to work on all devices-mobile,tablet or PC.
While a lot of the other resume creator tools can be dense, boring and at times downright dull, SlashCV is lighter, fun to use and gets the job done. Having said so, we are still in the very early stages, so do expect more improvements in the future and better support for more features.
Tell us the story of how it started and the challenges you have faced?
SlashCV started as a small project in Hyderabad, India. The initial idea was focussed on profiles and had less to do with creating the resume itself. Our current version came about after a couple of iterations with feedback from our users. This includes minor changes as well as our current set of features. The bigger challenge though is to reach out to a growing number of students and job seekers and convince them to use SlashCV.
Who are the Founders and their backgrounds?
Kavan Ravi:
Kavan is a management information systems  (MIS) graduate from University of Nebraska,Omaha.  Before he started SlashCV, he worked for a short while at Pharmarc analytics Pvt.Ltd and later at Datamonitor LLC as an analyst. After which he co-founded a social hiring platform for companies and jobseekers. Right now he works on SlashCV as the founder and CEO.
Arpan Chinta:
 Arpan is a UX designer & web developer specializing in cross-device UI design, specifically creating web sites & web apps that work well across various devices, screen sizes & resolutions.
 He has spent 6+ years as a freelance designer working on a wide variety of software projects, ranging from ERP software and e-commerce solutions to mobile apps and comic stores.
Madhusudan Sambhoju:
Madhu is highly passionate about providing web and mobile technology solutions for small and medium scale businesses. He has got 5 years of working experience in software industry, of which 3 years were spent at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd and 2 more years at a startup in Singapore.
He has expertise in native app  development on Android and iOS platforms. He specializes in Ruby on Rails framework to deliver web based solutions.
How is your site so different when there are already similar products?
While there are many other similar products, SlashCV is not competing with LinkedIn or products like VisualCV. We are looking to bridge the gap in between, right before you feel the need to join a professional network and when you are just out of college looking for a job. We think SlashCV is tailor made to cater to this sub-set of users.
What technology platform is your site built on? Is it in-house?
Ruby on Rails/ Heroku. Yes it is in-house.
What initiatives are you planning in the next 2-3 years?
We will be improving SlashCV on many fronts. Some of it has to do with many more templates for the resume, possibly paid templates. We are also looking to launch other features and services that will make it even more easier for you to create and send or share your resume online. A big part of our time will also be spent in promoting SlashCV and in addressing the needs of our users.
Which locations is it available ?
SlashCV is accessible worldwide on the web.
What is your Marketing/Promotional approach?
As a first step, we have started advertising on Facebook and Google. We are doing this in a small way so far. Right now, we are also focusing on getting the word across via social media and blogs.
Did you raise any funding? If you want to raise funds do you want to be contacted by Investors ?
We haven’t raised any funding. Yes, we would want to be contacted by investors.
What is the overall plan going forward?
The overall plan is to make SlashCV a one stop shop for students and job seekers who are creating their resume for the first time.
If you have any questions for Kavan, please post it on the comments section. He is reachable at [email protected].
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