Guest Post: VAS Retailing in India

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This is a Guest post by Chandan Mishra ; a Wireless Marketing professional, with over 10 years of experience in telecom and IT and media companies. Had Lead Marketing and Business operations for multimillion-dollar companies in Media and Telecom across Geographies in India, APAC and Australia.
A strategic thinker of the next level of possibilities and designing the future roadmap of the business. Expert in the Marketing and Developing next level strategies for products in mobility and enterprises.

He talks about VAS Retailing in India

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In one of the casual encounters in a premium retail stores in Sydney I figured out that music is being sold at one of the counters. The idea, which India Telecom VAS is struggling with is successfully implemented in this part of the world and no one is noticing the same.

Apple is successfully selling i tunes gift card which one buys and buys music worth the price of the voucher. One can buy movies, songs and Apps available on the apple i Tunes store.

i Tunes Gift Card

Music Retailing is the most experimented idea in Indian telecom industry which has failed. The only company which came a little closer to some what a little successful implementation was Hutch now Vodafone. However lessons learnt were never implemented again.

Things to keep in mind when selling Music or Movies -

1. Let customers choose
2. Should be at their comfort
3. Give then pre review and visibility
4. Voice portal/Data portals alone will not work
5. One can only target specific customer segment
6. No one will buy from a telecom company’s site, so create presence in Music sites and Stores
7. USSD won’t work

A Telecom retailer cannot or rather will not sell songs (you don’t buy chicken at electronic store)

No one thinks i will buy a song at store, people buy when they listen on internet, computers, phones etc. It is an impulse decision and no matter what one does it cannot create that impulse buying in a retail store, so let customer decide when to buy and what to buy the store. Do you decide hours before that you will have Pastries at a coffee shop; it is decided by the mood and ambience of the shop and your girlfriend sitting next to you.

Similar is the decision of buying a Caller Tunes/MP3/Movies and Videos, it is usually influenced by your friends, your mood variant, Girlfriend and of course your Smart Phone.

A Suggested solution which can work -

1. Create a voucher Which will be create a VAS Credit.( name this Doosra Credit)
2. One can buy only music, movies other services from this credit (This will work like data credit)
3. Buying has to be two step process, decision to purchase and download of purchase.
4. Entry will only take your mobile no and debit the Music credit
5. Keep It Cheap
6. Distribute on Internet
7. Voucher distribution with Prepaid Voucher.

But let’s see how and when the industry evolves.

This is a Guest post. The views are of the respective authors. If you want to write for us drop us a mail.


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