Vodafone India Launches Vodafone Secure Device Manager For Corporates

Yesterday, Vodafone India announced  the launch of Vodafone Secure Device Manager for corporates. Vodafone India is the first Indian telecom operator to launch this unique and innovative solution which acts as a simple and flexible tool to keep the data on smart phone & tablets secure, helping business grow without the fear of data security breach.

Key features of Vodafone Secure Device Manager:

  • Secure access to corporate informationby remotely securing authorising smartphones & tablets
  • Remotely audit devices for corporate security policy compliance
  • Protect data by enforcing encryption and pass codes
  • Remotely lock or wipe devices in the case of accidental device loss or theft

Nowadays, with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept picking up pace, increasing number of people prefer smart phones and tablets to access the company’s data. Securing these devices, and hence the data, has now become extremely important. Vodafone Secure Device Manager allows your people to work with their smart devices without compromising your company’s security.

So how does Vodafone Secure Device Manager help you? Vodafone Secure Device Manager serves as an important solution for Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) & Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) of India Inc. It provides them a secure management console which allows them to gain visibility to and remotely configure &secure their organisations device estate. Vodafone Secure Device Manager empowers IT administrators by allowing them to remotely manage security policies, device settings, certificates, applications, operating system etc. Vodafone’s solution can prove to be invaluable in the event of mobile device loss, it allows users to remotely lock or wipe all information from their smart device.

Commenting on the launch, Naveen Chopra, Director, Vodafone Business Services said,”While the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ phenomenon has empowered our users, it has also exposed a gaping hole in the security armory of our corporate customers. We’re witnessing an increase in Mobile Data security concerns raised by corporate customers. Vodafone Business Services is proud to introduce the ‘Secure Device Manager’ solution. It will allow IT administrators to easily manage & secure their organization’s smart device fleet, via a simple &easy to use console. It’s the only way to let your people bring their smart devices to work without compromising your company’s security.”

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