Vuclip Launches New Mobile Video Channel For Education

Mobile video and media company Vuclip has launched its new mobile video channel, edu. (, an education portal, at One Globe 2013, the annual conference focused on building a 21st century knowledge economy in India and South Asia. Initially, the channel will provide educational videos for K-12 and higher education, which can be watched on any of the 5500 different types of internet-enabled mobile phones, including the most basic to the most advanced handsets. The channel currently supports educational videos in English but will include course material in other languages as well.

In its debut version, the portal will provide free access to thousands of educational videos from Khan Academy, the world’s premier not-for-profit education organization that offers free micro-lectures teaching mathematics, history,healthcare, medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, computer science and other subjects.To date, Khan Academy has delivered over 234 million lessons worldwide.

During the One Globe 2013 conference, Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO and founder of Vuclip also unveiled the findings of Vuclip’s global education survey. The survey was conducted on more than 80,000 people from around the world including countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Canada, Pakistan, United States, United Kindom, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, UAE, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brazil, Iran and several others.

The study revealed that Indians prefer mobiles over computers as their choice of medium for education. While females prefer mobile twice as much as computers, males prefer mobile three times over computers. As many as 70% males and 53% females in India said they were very interested in education through their phone. The top priority for males and females over the age of 18 was career development. Viewing all age groups, including the under 18 age bracket, the numbers show 36% of females and 30% of males as most interested in career development. However, 18% of females want to teach kids compared to just 9% males.

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