Saavn announces Saavn Pro, a premium social music service for India’s billion-size market

With new subscription product, Saavn users now have access to offline and ad-free music listening

Saavn Music

Saavn, the global music service offering Indian and English-language content, announced today the details of their much-anticipated Saavn Pro launch. The new subscription product, available in the Apple App Store starting March 1, will bring offline and ad-free music to the Indian market, as well as significant user bases in the US, UK, and other major markets. The majority of Saavn’s catalog of approximately 1.1 million tracks will be available on Saavn Pro.

Saavn Pro is the first premium music product to launch in India, where the majority of Saavn’s audience is listening on mobile. 10,000 people have already signed up in the first 48 hours of early-interest registration via

“We’ve always focused on building the best music products in the world. In listening to our loyal users, we’ve found that offline music access is the number one feature people are asking for. We are delighted to launch Saavn Pro and it’s an important milestone for the company and the industry,” Rishi Malhotra, president and co-founder of Saavn, said. “People have been taking their music offline for years, but it’s never been this easy and natural. We’ve built a premium music product that’s really a joy to use.”

To save music for offline listening  (or caching), users simply hit the cloud icon next to any song or playlist.  Following a 30-day free trial, users can subscribe to Saavn Pro for $3.99 per month directly through their Apple ID.

Unlike many subscription services, users can opt-in to Saavn Pro directly on their mobile devices, rather than having to register for the premium service on the web first. The company will be launching the Saavn Pro platform on iOS first, with Android and feature phone premium services to follow.

Additional Saavn Pro Features:

- Offline Listening: Available on up to 5 devices per account.

- Ad-Free Listening: Music streams with no interruptions from advertising. When logged in with your premium account, ads are removed on all platforms, including

- Sync Over Cellular: You can choose whether to use WiFi or your cellular data connection to cache your music for offline listening.

-  Pro Audio: Access to the highest quality music (320 kbps) will be added to the product in the coming weeks.

Saavn Pro will be available for iPhone starting March 1. Users can register ahead of the release date, as well as watch a video of Saavn Pro in action, at

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