Innovative Startup: - Share Videos On Your Facebook Page

Clipster is a tool that lets you do something that not even the new Timeline lets you do: to feature multiple videos at once in any Facebook fanpage that you have. These can be taken both from YouTube and Vimeo, and this service is free for these pages that have up to 500 likes.

Clipster works by adding a simple player to your page. This player can be customized in lots of different ways (you can change its header and its background color, for example), and the content itself can be split into lots of different categories. Which is just great if you have a page that deals with many different sports at once, and you want to let people access content in a more logical way. And this applies to mostly everything, really. A fashion page, a music page, a culinary page… Clipster lets you have everything arranged in the tidiest of ways.

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