Hubbl a New Word-of-Mouth Platform for App Discovery

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While the number of app stores has grown exponentially, discovering new ones is as tough as ever. Came across a very interesting app discovery platform  started by 2 Indians Archana Patchirajan and Kusha Choksi called Hubbl.

Hubbl is a smart telescope that discovers apps from conversations, media and friends. Hubbl is a word-of-mouth platform for Apps that is powered by opinions expressed via collaborative #tagging. Hubbl’s features are weaved in with a social and a gaming layer with real world rewards that will engage users and also provide an avenue for indie app developers to identify and connect with their target audience.

Hubbl has a unique and engaging design, and makes clever use of the familiar hashtag for organizing and sharing your opinion around mobile apps.

Hubbl is named after the famous Hubble Space Telscope and Edwin Hubble the father of modern cosmology. With the telescope you can discover thousands of new apps . A feature in the app called “SkyView,” for example, lets you gaze at the universe of mobile apps with different lenses. App icons are laid out across the night sky, and you can move a slider to showcase apps which are now popular in the news, apps popular among your friends and others in the Hubbl community, and apps seeing activity among your friends specifically.

While the SkyView section allows for a more serendipitous form of app discovery, the key feature in this app is its use of hashtags. You can search for apps based on how users have hashtagged (labelled) them and you can use a “Suggest” option to recommend apps to others by tagging the app with what you use it for the most.

There’s also a gaming layer that features a leader board with “Appstronaut” positioning.

With a number of appstores out there in this crowded apps market , it will be tought for Hubbl, but with their technology offering and focus on user experience and app discovery , I believe Hubbl has a great future.

You can download  the Android version here, and iTunes version here, if you’re interested in testing Hubbl further.



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