Amazon to Launch Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchange Platform

amazonAmazon will be launching a RTB or real-time bidding ad-exchange platform. So how would this RTB platform work? Suppose you are browsing on Amazon but decide not to buy a particular product.  Amazon will drop a tracking cookie on your browser. After this, when you go elsewhere in Amazon’s exchange network, you might see an ad pop up offering you another chance to buy that product.  Amazon’s exchange network includes Amazon, IMDb, DPReview, and various other ad exchanges and publishers.

This RTB platform will enable Amazon to use its shopping data to target users with ads based on their purchase histories. According to Adweek, the self-serve RTB platform would hypothetically function similarly to Facebook’s Ads Manager in terms of how buyers could target their ads.  Amazon’s platform would enable buyers to create targeting segments such as “men; aged 25-34; in California; interested in high-definition TVs; who have purchased how-to books and home improvement tools.

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