Amazon Introduces In-App Purchasing service For Mac, PC and Web-based Games

Amazon has announced the launch of a new In-App Purchasing service that enables developers to let customers use their Amazon accounts to purchase virtual goods and currencies from within Mac, PC and Web-based games. With this, Amazon now provides ...

Amazon to Launch Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchange Platform

Amazon will be launching a RTB or real-time bidding ad-exchange platform. So how would this RTB platform work? Suppose you are browsing on Amazon but decide not to buy a particular product.  Amazon will drop a tracking cookie on your browser. ... Introduces New Kindle App For Windows 8

Yesterday,, Inc.,introduced a new Kindle app tailored for Windows 8. Now customers around the world can download this free app and enjoy Amazon’s selection of over 1.5 million books at the best prices, including over 200,000 exclusive ...