Apple’s mapping service to replace Google Maps on iPhone & iPad

Apple has unveiled its own mapping service which includes a 3D view of cities called “Flyover” along with real-time traffic

updates and also turn-by-turn navigation.Apple’s new mobile software- iOS6 comes preloaded with the mapping system. Apple will replace the Google Maps Service, until now preloaded on the iPhone and iPad with this new mapping service.

Other iOS6 updates include upgrades on Siri and a deeper Facebook integration. The voice-activated iPhone search-feature Siri has also been integrated into the new mapping service so users can ask for step-by-step directions. It will now be available on iPads with a larger database of answers, especially sports, restaurants and movies.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO said that the map system has been built from the ground up, and that the company plans to cover the world.This move comes as a direct challenge for Google maps which are one of the most popular functions on both Android smartphones and the iPhone.


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