Mobile site created by student has caught attention of millions Indian users

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Mobile sites builder Wapego was created just a few years ago but already generates 600 million page views per month. And big part of those page views comes from India. Wapego allows users to build their own mobile site or mobile community without any programming skills and even without computer. Everything can be made right via mobile phone. Users can add a variety of modules such as chat; forum; photo galleries and so on. Furthermore, Wapego allows integration of the biggest mobile advertising networks so creation of your own totally free mobile site can become a source of stable income.

Wapego history started few years ago in University dormitory room. Beta version of product was build by 1st grade student and in one month after launch Wapego already generated more than 10 millions page views. Currently more than  700 000 mobile sites and communities are created via Wapego, and more than 12 million users are registered in those sites. “People are using Wapego for different purposes – somebody wants to earn money, and somebody wants to connect people with common interests in one site.  For example we have many mobile community sites targeted to very specific groups like communities for ladies only, communities for parents, or mobile community of class friends” – says co-founder of Kestutis Dragunas.

Sites created via Wapego are accessible via almost any mobile device. As K. Dragunas says, every site is automatically created in three versions – WML for very old phones, XHTML for more advanced phones and WEB – for smartphones.

Developers of project shared that during all years direct investment into advertising of Wapego did not exceed 1000 USD and project became profitable just in 3 months after the launch.  “The main investment was long working hours, dedication and passion to our job” – says K. Dragunas.  “We want to encourage all young IT lovers – our example shows to every young and enthusiastic professional that successful and profitable project can be built without any large investment or support from business angel. The most important is a good idea and hard work on it” – says K. Dragunas.

The biggest markets of Wapego are India and Vietnam. “When choosing our target countries we selected India as priority because we’ve heard that India is a country with probably the largest number of new technologies enthusiasts and IT lovers. And now we can confirm – it’s 100 % true” – says Kestutis Dragunas. According to Kestutis, Indian users accepted Wapego with big enthusiasm and the whole Wapego team is grateful for that and also for many super creative ideas and proposals they got from Indian users. Translation of Wapego to Hindi is in the nearest plans of the company and it should make project more available to even wider part of Indian users.

Currently 4 people are working in Wapego team. The company behind Wapego is JSC “Seminte”.

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