Maxus India Partners With RockeTalk To Launch Nokia’s 360 Degrees ‘Trendify’ Campaign

Maxus India has partnered with RockeTalk, to launch Nokia’s 360 degrees ‘Trendify’ campaign as an in-app mobile media property and activity for an audience of nearly 1 Crore.

Trendify on RockeTalk aims to offer its audience, millions of videos, photos, voice and music content that are trending in India: to consume, share and further trendify. It will enable users to discover trends daily, as they are made and participate in shaping them. Unlike Twitter, where trend discovery is limited to a tweet or hash-tag, Trendify will enable users to actually create and consume multimedia around the trends, real-time. This activity is supported by daily competitions where users get to play trend-tellers, predict what will top the charts the next day and winners get recognition.

To deep integrate the concept, the ‘share’ function of RockeTalk will be rechristened as “share and trendify”. This will enhance the social experience of RockeTalk users by allowing them to ‘trendify’ content units and ‘tags’ when they share and vice-versa.

Through the ‘share and trendify’ button, more than 5 million people are expected to actively participate in trendifying videos, photos and voice content, and at least half that number actively competing for the top Trendifier prizes. Nearly one Crore Indians will be reached and will consume the Trendified streams.

Commenting on the impact of this concept, Unny Radhakrishnan, Digital Head (South Asia), Maxus India, said,”For the user, this is not a one-off competition or contest but a habit forming activity, a new way of consuming content. Besides the unprecedented scale of social reach it will provide, the campaign on RockeTalk is expected to be able to create high value daily engagement by users around Trendify and Nokia 510. These ‘engaged users’ are expected to yield over 4 million minutes of cumulative brand time, which is staggering.”

Nokia Lumia 510, positioned as the trendify phone, will have in the RockeTalkTrendify a digital surrogate space, a lateral marketing space on mobile without in-your-face advertising.

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